Soccer Tactic Board

This app turns your iOS device into a mobile coaching tool.

Replicating a traditional tactic board, the app can be used by coaches, supporters, media or educational tutors to quickly position the red or blue players on the field to outline a formation, tactic or specific play. Everything is controlled by the users touch, and the app has been designed for simplicity to make is easy to use for everyone.

The app also allows the user to draw on the screen on their tactical layouts in three different colours (Red, Black, Blue) and you can quickly wipe all drawing off the board by pressing the clear button.

Once you have designed your formation or tactical play, and added your drawings you can then also use iOS functions to take a snapshot of your play and save it to your camera roll for distribution or printing.

The app is simple, straight forward and effective. Designed primarily for coaches who want access to a tactic board fast with simple functions. The app can also be used by players, journalists, bloggers, education tutors or anyone with an interest in soccer tactics.